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Sent my invoices and the world suddenly seems brighter and warmer and I am going to make myself a cup of coffee and just smile. Then I have to file it away, then write a manual email to client to send out. The panel on the right side of the invoice or anything with the panel that shows the summary for the transaction, it shows loading and is completely frozen. My version of Pro does include upgrade, so its a matter of a week or two until I receive the disc. Happy to have helped keep you sane.

Glad people are having their days saved by this post. Then I moved it to the desktop and found it. Your solution worked for us, too! Let me know if you were successful in getting this to work. Thank you for putting this out there for us.

How do I activate the QuickBooks PDF converter

This is the converter that used to work for us till recently but I can't seem to reinstall that printer again. How can I reinstall the original pdf converter that comes with Reckon Accounts Enterprise? So just activate pdf converter by reinstall it?

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How do I activate the QuickBooks PDF converter

My issue was resolved almost immediately! Thank you for the tutorial.

Driver for quickbooks pdf converter

The only thing I can suggest is to make sure that your printer has been set back to the default printer as when I originally had issues it kept making the non functioning pdf printer the default. And now it will not even allow me print to my printer.

It completely worked for me. Excellent, your direction was clear and direct. Alan, maybe you can do what I did. Except it undid itself, which is odd. It became quite frustrating.

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How to Fix the QuickBooks PDF Converter

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How do I activate the quickbooks pdf converter? Thank you very much for sharing. First, thank you for your generosity in sharing your expertise with others in this forum. Great, easy to follow instructions. So I absolutely need clear, step-by-step guidance like that which you provided.

However, I did not create a new printer port initially. So frustrating and that worked as directed. Fank, Have you yet to find a resolution to this problem. It is important to type the name exactly as shown here, including spaces. Took a few tries, but finally got it fixed.

Restart you computer and open Quickbooks. Quickbooks assured me that when I spent the money for the upgade it would be corrected.

Judith, contex hawkeye cx36 drivers there are a couple of ways to just add a driver. Initially I just copied that file onto my hard driver. What is the actual driver you used.

In the meantime, any suggestions would be great! Wondering if there are any other ideas.

But installing the driver fixed the problem. Once I re-added with the driver you provided it seems to be working great. This is insanity and Quickbooks support is useless. This is working for me, but now, the subject heading and name of the emailed-from-quickbooks pdf is a very long subject. If so, r eboot the computer and do not open QuickBooks.