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First of all, the part number is incorrect. Any suggestions as to how I can get a picture on another monitor? Make sure the keyboard is plugged in correctly and the connector is locked. Do not disconnect this cable. Are you sure this is motherboard related problem?

If not, any suggestions as to where I might pick one up? But why would it just not show up anywhere in Windows? We read the instructions on how to take the keyboard out, well my husband knows about computers, ribbon cables and such.

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Sometimes, when the system seems to hang as I try to uninstall the device I have to restart in between the above steps to overcome it. Also when I would run a a virus scan it would get so far then lockup. Create a partition and format it. Your very clear pictures really make the difference. Is it possible there are used motherboards, rather the new ones?

As I shut the display I heard a crack like sound, as though something had snapped or been pinched. Think twice before replacing the motherboard. Be very carefull, the bezel is attached to the motherboard with a flat ribbon cable. If so, then with what adhesive?

How to install sound card drivers? Would anyone recommend pulling the keyboard out to attempt cleaning it, in the hopes I can bring that key back to live?

Test your laptop with each memory module separately, hp deskjet f2420 scanner driver try different slots. The Bluetooth module mounts inside the laptop. It has been working fine except that recently I have not been able to connect to my Local or my Wide Area Network.

Can you hear rattling noise inside the drive? Came back from hp like this and I have no external sound. Josh, They are Sata drives, no jumpers, no cables.

Update on cable situation. Is it the problem caused by the video card? Is this repairable or do I need to swap out the motherboard?

They will gladly take the laptop and dispose of your hard drive properly. His laptop works fine with external keyboard and it tells me that settings are correct. The laptop module is shorter.

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Lots of time wasted trying to diagnose. Connections are clean, hard drives are where they need to be, tried resetting bios and memory to no luck. Make sure it pass many times. It does not qualify for the recall, so I am on my own.

At some point or another leaving it alone for periods I got the screen to come back. There is power going into the machine as the lights are all on, however nothing is responding. What is a common replacement? Any help you may be able to provide, I appreciate it.

The screen turns black and will not come back on unless I hold down the button and restart the computer. As you can see, in my computer there is no second hard drive under the cover. Know I am hoping it just the hard drive. They were detailed and exactly what I needed.

Take a look inside the network port. Are you able to replace this unique driver after all, or have i got to implement the driver scanner? We now provide access to a multitude of drivers - easier than ever before. How to deal with video card driver problems? Are you able to upgrade this unique driver in the slightest degree, or have i got to implement the driver scanner?

Sm Bus Controller Drivers Download - Sm Bus Controller

Sounds like a problem with the video card. Also you say you replace two chips with one bigger one. Could be bad batter or motherboard failure.

It had melted a hole in the black tape that was over it. Now shake the hard drive and listen. Just did it, and all went perfectly.

Hp 2000 laptop network controller driver

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The screen is just solid black. Any suggestions as to what its called or how to get another one?

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000 - updated driver

Unvortunately, I spilled a slight bit ov beer on the keyboard. Class action suits are being filed but only the Lawyers will get anything of value.

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