Taking apart Acer Aspire Inside my laptop

St9160821as Ata Driver

St9160821as ata driver

St9160821as ata driver

Now all I am missing is the web cam drivers. Assumed a driver issue so installed latest drivers but to no avail. Not all optical driver are interchangeable. Push the drive from the case with a flathead screwdriver.

Following your advice, I tested the power input of the laptop and found it to be fine, so I retested the charger. The hard disk light comes on for awhile, then goes our.

St9160821as ata driver

Taking apart Acer Aspire Inside my laptop

On first acer although screen is dim that is only problem, because you can just about make out what u doing on screen. If all keeps working well it looks like probably I should go ahead and try to replace the internal keyboard.

When I plug in the power supply, the front light comes on, but the power button does not turn on the laptop. The memory module will pop up at a degree angle. The plastic underneath is broken i think. Both memory slots are in the same place. This will take your laptop back to the original default state and you can start from scratch.

There is a good chance that cleaning the heat sink will fix your problem. All ports seemes to be dead. My Aspire died supposingly during WinUpdate, I was afk.

You can see the connector on the top right picture. Is it safe or will I likely break the whole computer?

Try reinstalling it from the recovery disc. But from Fred I know screen is not problem. My question is, does it sound like the hard drive?

Do you know if the keyboard stopped working only in Windows? Now you can access your data and save it. Try reinstalling Windows from the recovery disc. They appear in windows but when i plug some device in one of them stops and say unrecognized device.

Pull the module out by the edges. Carefully spread latches on both sides from the memory module. Also, that could be memory related problem. Acer Aspire spilled coffee on the keyboard- Shift key sticks- so can not enter password- Is there any way to run keyboard diagnostics? Is there some incompatibility here?

To answer your question it does not see any hard drives or cd-rom drives in the bios. Do not forget to back up data first. Did she drop the laptop with the adapter connected?

Both laptops work excellently. Sometimes you get stuck in comfortable routines.

The laptop is currently not starting at all. Carefully separate the top cover from the base assembly. Have anyone successfully unmounted the bracket of the original hardrive?

If you could give me some ideas of what this could be and where I would look for the problem it would be greatly appreciated. Takes ages to move a keyframe. Try reconnecting memory modules, removing them one by one and starting the laptop with each module separately.

St9160821as ata driver

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Your keyboard failure is not common. Apparently there is a problem with the motherboard. Run diagnostics on the hard drive. Insert the keyboard cable into the connector and put the broken piece too. Clean the heat sink and test the laptop again.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

This is a defective product and the culprit is most likely the motherboard. Both connectors have to match.

St9160821as ata driver

If everything works fine with one of the modules installed, most likely the second one is defective and has to be replaced. So can i disable the built-in keyboard. Also, lenovo touchpad driver ideapad s 100 try reconnecting memory modules. Usually you can see this message when the laptop is trying to boot from network.

St9160821as ata driverSt9160821as ata driver

Great tutorial and well photographed! Test your laptop with an external monitor. You can check the fuse for continuity with a multimeter. There is not much you can do.

The Inverter, or the screen itself? Carefully disconnect fan cable from the motherboard. Just wondered which prob it was.

Whenever a textbox is made activate these two keys start typing automatically into the textbox continously. Follow the webcam cable to the connector. It should fix the problem. Disregard my last question. Try removing modules one by one and test the laptop with each one separately.

Plug in the adapter and try turning it on. Try starting the laptop with only one module installed. Try removing them one by one.

Would it overheat that quick? There is not a computer technician guy out here to help me. How expensive is a new motherboard for this laptop?